Workflow for performing boolean cuts in voxel space


I have 7 STL files: one representing the base object and 6 representing cutting tools.

I’m trying to get Monolith to perform the boolean “cut” operations for me in voxel space, but haven’t got it working after many days of trying.
In fact, I haven’t been able to simply load the base object and raster it by itself, let alone perform the boolean cuts.

The workflow that made the most sense to me was:

  1. create a New project and set the bounding box properly (in my case, [-100,-100,-10]-[100,100,10] mm).
  2. add a single generator to the scene and set its formula to 1.0 (fill entire scene with material).
  3. switch to the Mesh mask menu and Import my base.stl model.
  4. switch to the Visualization panel on the right and attempt to export the rasterized model (with Use mask turned on).

Invariably, I crash Monolith with Application closed.

Has anyone successfully loaded in STL files, cut them, and then exported the results? If so, could you please explain what steps you followed in order to get this to work?

Thank you!
– Glenn