Things To Check if Monolith Isn't Working


We have been working hard at making the Monolith user experience look and feel on all types of computers regardless of configurations. However, we’re still in beta and there are still some issues that pop up from time to time. Below are a few things you might want to consider if Monolith doesn’t appear to be working correctly on your machine.

1. Are you running Windows on a Mac through Parallels Desktop? We love Parallels Desktop. Unfortunately, Monolith does not. That’s because Monolith is compiled to run natively within Windows - uploading shaders directly to the GPU. Parallels Desktop emulates a Windows environment, but the graphics pipeline is not the same. Thus, if you are using a Mac, we strongly recommend that you boot into Windows directly using Bootcamp.

2. Does your computer have two graphics cards? Many modern computers ship with two graphics cards. Usually, there is an Intel integrated graphics card and some sort of high-performance graphics card (usually an NVIDIA or ATI/AMD Radeon card). The frustrating part is that the operating system usually defaults to running programs on the integrated card which often yields sub-optimal results. We recommend forcing Monolith to use your high-performance card, if possible. To configure your graphics card to use the high-performance cards on a per-application (or globally) basis, follow this guide.

3. Is your graphics card driver up to date? To update your graphics card driver, you first need to know the exact manufacturer and model of your computer’s video adapter or chipset. To do this, we recommend using the Direct X diagnostic tool included with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista. Follow these steps:

  • Choose Start, type dxdiag in the Search text box, and then press Enter.
    Note: If you receive the message “Do you want to allow DxDiag to check if your drivers are digitally signed?” click Yes if you’re connected to the Internet. Otherwise, click No.

  • In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, select the Display tab (or the Display 1 tab).

  • Note the information in the Name field of the Device section. This information shows the manufacturer and model of the video adapter or chipset.

  • (Optional) Note the information in the Date and Version fields in the Drivers section.

  • If an additional Display tab (such as Display 2) is available, then select that tab and repeat the previous two steps.

  • Close the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

  • On the manufacturer’s site, go to the support section (or downloads section) and locate driver downloads for the exact model of the video adapter or computer.

  • Click the link to download the driver installer.

4. Have you installed the Visual C++ Redistributable Runtime modules? Monolith’s core technology is written in C++ and is compiled using Visual Studio 2015. As such, you need to make sure you have the appropriate components installed on your computer. By default, this shouldn’t be a problem because the latest Monolith installer should also run the installer for the latest VC++ redistributable libraries as well. However, if the VC++ Redist installer fails (for whatever reason) during installation, you may need to install them manually. To download and install the latest version, visit the official download page.

5. Which Graphics API Mode are you using? If Monolith loads correctly, but looks kinda odd (ie. geometry not displaying correctly), it could be because of the Graphics API mode that you are using. In the Visuals side-bar menu (next to the Main tab on the far left) you should see a combo-box drop down menu that allows you to select a different rendering API for the application. Depending on your graphics card different modes might give you higher performance especially when using real time volume rendering. Once you change this setting, you will need to restart Monolith for it to take effect. But, using one of the different API modes might result in better performance if you’re running into issues.

6. Lastly, thanks for being patient! Monolith is definitely still in beta. If you have adjusted the settings/configurations above and Monolith still fails to load or looks odd, then definitely check out the other forum threads or create a new topic. As we said, we’re constantly trying to make the user experience seamless for everyone, regardless of computer configuration. We will continue to update/improve the application based on your feedback. But, most importantly, thanks for being patient!

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