Stratasys J750 Printing with Monolith



I am a new user to Monolith and I am very interested in using it on the Stratasys J750 (6-material) system that we have here. I saw that there was a J750 profile added to the printer options which is great! I was wondering if anyone had experience with a monolith/J750 workflow?

Looking forward to using this software for some really neat applications!


I’m really curious about the J750 workflow. I’ve seen in videos and screenshots that there is a special version of Objet Studio and a way for it to integrate into Adobe products (like Photoshop). Is this true?

I have access to an Objet 260 Connex 3 and Objet Studio. I have been experimenting with Monolith since last year but have not been able to use the bitmaps generated yet. Further approval from Stratasys is required for voxel printing functionality. If using the J750 is anything like the connex then you probably just load up a stack of bitmaps (I assume). Each set corresponding to a material is typically saved out of Monolith as a folder with a top level text file pointing to each directory.


That Photoshop integration is not true, that was an older project that kind of dissolved. Moving forward all J750 systems will run off of the GrabCAD Print platform. I have been working with two J750 systems since their release and they are amazing machines. Do you have any examples of parts that you have prepared for a Connex 3 system? I can compile them to see if they would actually be printable if you are interested? I am more of a SolidWorks/Magics CAD guy so some of the Monolith stuff just goes completely over my head.I feel like the best way for me to understand this is to see other files and figure out how they were generated. I would like to generate more sample files that we can share around the community!