Strange display, can't see UI?


The main window frame is transparent, can’t see the UI properly, Windows 10 x64, Nvidia Quadro 6000.


Hi Justin. Can you try changing your graphics API mode to one of the other display pipelines. To do this, click on the visuals tab on the far left-hand menu (next to main) and then choose one of the other options from the Graphics API Mode drop-down menu. You will need to restart Monolith for the changes to take effect. Hopefully one of the other display modules will work better for you.


Had the same problem, gl is working best but still has some issues.


I’m running it on Windows 10 and it works with either dx or dxwf modes. @andrew.payne what is the difference between these two options?


Both dx and dxwf means that you’re using Direct X as your display piepline. The wf simply means winforms (rather than native wpf). The gl and glwf just means that you’re using OpenGL as opposed to Direct X.