Some UI Problems


Hi dear Andrew, Thank you for your awesome work.
I’ve just installed Monolith standalone application. I have a problem with “Design workflow” use interface. My problem is sometimes when i try to change a slider, the slider accidentally jump to left or right. obviously it makes it work with sliders.
I think this problem occurs because changing some sliders affects the value in some “layer setting popup panels”, so the panel should be re-sized to show these values correctly. (Look at the GIF below)

My other problem with Monolith user interface is about zooming. I can’t understand why scrolling in “view” port and scrolling in “Design workflow” are reversed each other. I think it’s confusing.


Thanks Mahdiyar. We appreciate the feedback. You’re definitely right about some of the UI features. In fact, we had been going back and forth about how to handle the sliders in the function evaluator. We could simply implement a scrollbar and make the width of the expression editor be fixed (this was how we used to have it in fact), but that sometimes makes it awkward to see the entire expression. We felt that being able to see the entire formula could be important too. You can actually drag up/down any of the parameters (red) in the expression the same way you would a slider. But, we’re definitely still experimenting with it. As I said, we appreciate your user feedback.
We’ll also look into the zooming directionality as well. Cheers.


Thanks for your quick reply.
Wish you the best :slightly_smiling: