Rasterization options through the Grasshopper plug-in


I was wondering if the functions found in the new Rasterization tab in Monolith’s update are also included in the Grasshopper plug in.
I would like to apply a rasterized/dithered effect to my material ratios in Grasshopper, but can’t figure out how to do it through the plugin, although I think it would be quite easy in the actual Monolith program. Are these functions available in the Grasshopper plugin and how would I do it?


Thanks Tor_R. Right now, the rasterization functionality hasn’t been exposed in the Grasshopper plugin. We may add this in the future, but at the moment, you’re best option would be to export a volume file (.vol) file from the Grasshopper plugin and then open it in the standalone application and do your rasterization editing there. You can export a vol file by right-clicking on any of the Monolith components (in Grasshopper) and choose “Save Voxel Data”. I hope this helps.