Multi Material 3D Printing



Great program! What is the typical workflow for getting a project from Monolith to a Multi-Material 3D printer? For example are there Multi-Material Printers that accept Monolith’s native file formats or is a conversion necessary to another file format for printing? Do you know of any online 3d Printing Service Bureaus that could print projects created in Monolith? Thanks also for your work on the Grasshopper Primer, it was an invaluable resource when I was learning Grasshopper.


This is a good question. Monolith has the ability to export meshes and bitmap slices. The meshes can be read in my most printing software and printed that way. The bitmap slices were a test to print directly from bitmap images… which gives you greater control over the microscopic patterns and printing hairline features. For this, we were working with the Stratasys Objet series of printers… however, you needed a special hardware dongle which would give you access to their print software that enables bitmap printing. Unfortunately, these dongles are very difficult to get a hold of and have generally been reserved for academic institutions (although you’d have to talk to Stratasys specifically about this). Anyway, right now mesh output is probably the most generic… however, we’re working on other output formats to get around this limitation for the next release.


So its been about a year since this thread started.

Has anyone tried to use the output files of Monolith with any multi-material 3D printers other than Stratasys (which require a special dongle / hardware driver)?