Monolith not loading / launches but quits


Hi all,

I’m having trouble getting Monolith to load, either in Grasshopper or from the standalone executable. Grasshopper seems to recognize the ghlink file, and I can see it attempt to load Monolith_GH in the Grasshopper splash screen / loading bar, but no panel appears. Launching the .exe from Windows creates a process in task manager which promptly exits.

Is there a discrete GPU requirement? I’m running an integrated graphics card:

MacBook Pro (Core i5)
Windows 10 Education, via Bootcamp
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650, with updated Intel drivers
Visual C++ 2015
Rhino 5 (64-bit)
Monolith 0.3.6415.29557

Any insight into what might be happening?



try installing this directx package on your system: directx_jun2010_redist