Monolith doesn't launch at my computer


My computer is Mac Book Pro 2012 mid.
I use Windows10 by Bootcamp.
Whenever I try to launch Monolith, Monolith always crash and doesn’t launch at all.

My computer has GPU, GeoForce GT 650M.
I’ve installed Visual C++ Redistributable Runtime modules.
DirectX’s version is 12.
Geforce Driver is latest version, 382.05.

What can I do to make Monolith work?


Start by trying all the things in this post: Things To Check if Monolith Isn't Working

Its likely an issue with the wrong Graphics API Mode being used. Good luck!


Thank you for your replying.

At my computer Monolith doesn’t launch, so I can’t change Graphics API Mode.
Actually I’ve read that post, and tried all the things.


This problem has been solved.

After I upgraded MacOs from Yosemite to Sierra, I could launch Monolith.


Try uninstalling and reinstalling?