Looking for some guide/tutorials to start out


As the title say, I need some sources to learn everything about Monolith, since I’m doing a thesis about it. I’d like to start with an 101 video course, but eventually I’ll really need to know everything about it in detail. Any suggestion? I already know rhinoceros and grasshopper at decent levels. So far I found the manual on monolith.zone, some examples and that’s it. I can understand the manual, but I need more informations. For istance, why to chose monolith? what he can do that others can’t? which are is main applications? And of course how to start out and how can I become a more advanced user?
Thanks a lot for the help


Does not seems to have a lot of activity on this forum.


yep, I see. But I asked the same thing in grasshopper forums and reddit and I got no response either. Seems like I’ll have to figure out everything by myself, and since I’ve never ever even tried volumetric modelling, this will take a while. Monolith has a steep learning curve


Actually I am also working on monolith and I am trying to learn. What are
you trying to do exactly ?


well right now I’m trying to learn every functionality of Monolith but with Grasshopper.

I have few problems. For example I’m trying to do an image blend and extrude 3 full cylinders in the 3 directions. If I use Add Sources everything works. If I use multiply sources I should get a sphere, but I get nothing.

Another problem is with geometry generation. I have a solid and I wanna make a hole in it. I draw a line in Rhino then I add it in Construct Geometric Source but with -1 strenght. Like this, it should remove material and I should get an hole through the solid. Instead I get a little hole that goes down few mm then nothing.

What’s the difference between strenght and decay? What they physically do?
What it’s type (linear, quadratic, cube etc.) in the function Construct Geometric Source?


Hi All,
I was a student on the creators of this software and utilized Monolith extensively during my thesis under Panogotis Michalatos. Unfortunately there is not a lot of resources out there on Monolith. The documentation on the main website is pretty good if you are patient and play with the software. With Inworks, in Denver, I am looking to put together more tutorials and approachable documentation for certain biomedical and multimaterial 3d printing applications.

The main concern many have with Monolith is that it was bought by AutoDesk and they have a reputation of buying and sitting on software. Since acquisition there has been some developments and updates to the program but the documentation and tutorial side is still a barrier for entry.

Posting specific questions on the forum is the best way to get answers as we all try to figure this out.

-nick jacobson