Installation problem


i use windows 7 64bit ,but i just cant open it,every time i try to open it ,it will tells me monolith has stoped work.what should i do about it?i try to use the former version,but it also has some problem when i try to draw some geometry,is the old version cant be normally used?

问题事件名称: CLR20r3
问题签名 01: Monolith.exe
问题签名 02: 0.2.5879.24551
问题签名 03: 56b4ec1f
问题签名 04: PresentationFramework
问题签名 05:
问题签名 06: 5584f3d7
问题签名 07: 2b2
问题签名 08: 1f
问题签名 09: System.IO.FileNotFoundException
OS 版本: 6.1.7601.
区域设置 ID: 2052
其他信息 1: 606b
其他信息 2: 606b84565581a859e255082e8c26873f
其他信息 3: b239
其他信息 4: b23998fad1a76124ee4166089e8bd528




Have you looked through this thread and determined if any of the things mentioned would help? Things To Check if Monolith Isn't Working