Importing meshes



I’ve been mucking about with the software and attempting to import meshes. I’m having a difficult time understanding how to place them within the work area of Monolith. It’s always clipped in some fashion, with a portion or a majority of the mesh outside the workspace. Is there a way to “select” my imported .3dm mesh and move it about?



The easiest and most straightforward way to do this is to make sure the mesh you’re importing is located in the same location as your Monolith model (generally around the origin). Also, scale is important. But, assuming you’re model fits within a 2x2x2 cube and is centered about the World Origin (0,0,0) then it should import directly within the default boundary volume. You can of course resize the boundary volume to any dimensions you want using the Resize dialog box under the Main tab.
An alternative to this method would be to assign an Affine Transformation to your mesh. You can do this by first adding a layer to your stack called “Layer Composition Stack With Affine Transformation” found under the Group category. Once you add that layer you’ll see a small circular arrow on the far right of the layer tab. Click on that and it will roll out a secondary panel that has an area called Transform Stack Layer. Simply drag and drop your imported mesh layer into the brackets under the Transform Stack Layer. Now, if you change any of the parameters of the parent transform layer (click on the cube icon shown on the parent tranform layer), it will also apply to the imported mesh. I’ve attached a screenshot of a quick example. Let me know if this help.


Method 2 does work here but I don’t see any indication of physical dimensions.

I have a similar situation where I want to bring in a Rhino designed file or STL at scale to work on it. When I import it initially (scale factor of 1) its larger than the volume being shown. If I then zoom out from the default volume I can see my mesh geometry but its grayed out for the most part since its not in the bounding box volume. I then scaled it way down (scale factor of 0.1) to get it close to being in the bounding box volume. Again, not sure now how this translates to exporting bitmaps at the correct scale. Seems like I then would need to scale back up the bitmaps? But it just doesn’t seem right.


We have now implemented a master units class which means that all models can be scaled/resized accordingly. Before, everything was pretty much unitless, but in the next release it should be much easier to control the size according to known dimension standards (mm, in, cm, m, etc.). We hope to make a release very soon.


Hi Andrew and Pan!
Been working with Monolith since Pan introduced this at the GSD. Its come a long way, nice work! However, I’ve been having problems with the mesh import. I’ve created a 2x2x2 box around the origin and filled the space with a simple mesh sphere. When importing this into monolith via voxel mesh import command, it comes in but very very small. resizing simply resizes the view of the modeling plane. Any advice for importing and working at the proper scale?