How to make the graphic images


How do you make the images that are included with the Monolith examples. The pitcher example in particular. The example images have gradient edges which seem to be required to make smooth shapes in Monolith.A simple black and white image does not produce a smooth Monolith object. Smooth objects seem to require a gradient between the white area of an image and the black area.


Here are three images I have been trying to use.


And here is what I get in Monolith.

The transition between the shapes is not smooth.

I am guessing that there needs to be a gradient between the white aeas and the black areas of the images to get a smooth transition between the shapes.


Yes, you’re right. Having more of a transition between white and black in the 2D images will help. Also, the pitcher example that you referenced is fully available. You can find the example under Program Files/Monolith/Examples/Main Application… or you can download the example from here enter link description here