[Grasshopper] Multiply seems not working


I’m trying to use the component Multiply in Grasshopper, but everything I do doesn’t work, I don’t get any result in Rhinoceros. Multiply should work as a boolean intersection right? If I draw 3 orthogonal cylinders I should get a sphere. This is how it works in Monolith stand-alone software. Why it isn’t working on Grasshopper?
Thanks for the help


The Multiply Sources component works slightly differently than in the Main Application (in fact, there is no Multiply Sources in the stand alone app). Basically, the multiply sources does just that… It takes any information generated by the source objects (like an orthogonal cylinder) and multiplies it with the underlying voxel data structure. I’m assuming you’re using the base voxel configuration which constructs the layout using the Shape and Material Ratio channels… but more importantly the default value for the fill is set to 0.0. Thus, when you multiply the sources with the fill value of 0.0… all you get is 0.0 in return which mean you get no resulting geometry. Try changing the Fill value in the Construct Base Voxel values to 1.0 and see if this fixes the problem.


I think I got it! Thank you!
By the way, how can I implement the intersection on Grasshopper the same as it works on Monolith Stand Alone?
Like, as I said, I want to create a sphere starting from 3 orthogonal cylinders. How can I do that in Grasshopper? Thank you