Divide dicom 3d reconstruction in different parts


I’m trying to divide a 3d reconstruction of a leg in different part in Grasshopper. I’d like to be able somehow to select a specific bone and visualize only that. Is this possible? Thanks

PS: and how can I decide at with height (z-level) stop to stack images. Like in Monolith standalone app I have a z-level bar that I can move. How can I reproduce that in Rhinoceros + Grasshopper (excluding the 3d viewport)


The bitmap images you import to reconstruct a model is based on luminance. The brighter the white on the image the denser the material is… so you cannot select a bone per se. But you can select a density range that isolates the bone. Try a domaine and range for the ISO value to isolate the density range around the bone. It’s more of an art than a science.

As for the stack size. Try adjusting the brep bounding box. You will need to know the image sizes you are importing and the number of images in the stack you are importing. Each image represents a cut at a specific spacing. Find out the spacin size and multiply by the number of slices. Then you should have the z height dimension.


Yep that’s what I’ve done to isolate the skeleton. But I wanted to divide also each bone, but I think it’s really not possible.
About the heigh, I just wanted to replicate in grasshopper the z level clipping plane present in the standalone monolith, but I figured it out, I just used the multiply and a the function if(w<level,0,1)


What I’m trying to do is bone segmentation. I found some articles online but I’m finding hard to implement these methods in Monolith. Any suggesion?