Best models for multimaterial monolith printing


I am the head of the Swiss postindustrial design institute HyperWerk
Next semester I would like to start a workshop with our students around multimaterial monolith-based 3D-printing. I would be very interested in getting recommendations for suitable printers that other people are using. As quite a lot of our students will be starting up their own design consultancies, inexpensive solutions would be especially welcome.

As I imagine that quite a lot of monolith users will be asking a similar question, I propose to establish some kind of depository of user-recommended solutions. Interesting would be:

  • model name
  • cost of purchase
  • cost of material
  • speed
  • photographic docu about printed samples, perhaps together with the print file
  • additional remarks

Should anyone of the esteemed participants of this forum find the time to send some answers to this question, this would make my students and myself very happy.
I remain with kind regards


Unfortunately, there are not a lot of cheap and easy solutions out there. Stratasys leads in this realm but unlocking the full potential of their printers is complicated and requires a lot of back and forth with the company. However, MIT is creating a printer that appears promising.


Thanks for the question @mischaub! I’m also really interested in developing workshops and courses in this area. I’d love to collaborate on content development. Also, I have been looking at the research @njacobson pointed out and am in the process of building my own version based on the paper. Lets talk further.